Food Programs

Mobile food inspections canceled Wednesday, June 29, 2016. No habrá inspecciones de instalaciones ambulantes de comida (loncheras) miércoles, 29 de junio 2016.

The Health System's Environmental Health works to keep your food safe to eat.
Food program staff:

  • Inspect food sold in markets, restaurants, schools, mobile catering facilities and special events
  • Educate the public and businesses about proper sanitation and food handling
  • Follow-up on complaints and reports of food-borne illness
  • Provide information on food establishment compliance via the internet
  • Investigate reported violations of the Smoke Free Workplace Law
  • Verify that businesses selling tobacco products have the appropriate permits

Food Inspections Results Online

San Mateo County Environmental Health regularly inspects more than 3,000 food establishments throughout the county. The Online Food Inspection tool allows you to look up the inspection history of food establishments in San Mateo County. The inspection information will indicate the major and minor violations at each establishment, the closure history, and overall health code compliance.

Food establishments also display a San Mateo County seal, which indicates the latest inspection date.

Corrective Actions

Businesses that present an imminent health risk due to major violations of the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code) are closed by Environmental Health staff. These facilities are posted under the Food facility Closures link below.  For businesses that have repeated non-compliance with Cal Code, an administrative hearing is conducted with a business representative and Environmental Health staff. These facilities are posted under the administrative hearings link below.

  • This information is updated each Thursday
  • Business names will remain on the list until the violation is corrected
  • Business names will be removed on the next update after a violation is corrected, even if the violation is corrected prior to the update
  • Historical information is not maintained on the site
  • Businesses who close their operations due to health and safety problems, independent of an inspection, will not be listed
  • Businesses who are closed due to serious health violations, as identified by Environmental Health staff, are listed until permitted to re-open


If you would like to report unsanitary conditions at a food establishment please contact us either through the Online Complaint Form or by calling (650) 599-1112. To report a suspected food-borne illness, call (650) 372-6200 immediately.

For more information on filing a complaint, see How to Register Your Complaints.

For Operators

Retail Food Program Forms, Information, Safety Training
California Retail Food Code (pdf)
Stormwater: Best Practices for Food Facilities
Polystyrene Foodware Ban (pdf) NEW!!
Food Handler Card Requirement (pdf) NEW!!

More Information

For more information about the Retail Food Program, please call Environmental Health at (650) 372-6200. Inspection information is public information.

Please call for an appointment to review the file on a food facility that you may be interested in, or to talk with the inspector for that area.