Child Abuse/Neglect

Photo of baby with concerned expressionHow do I make a report?

If you know or suspect that a child is currently being abused, has been abused in the past, or is at risk of abuse, call:

(650) 595-7922  or 1 (800) 632-4615 (both lines are staffed 24 hours daily)

Or, contact your local police department.

Who is required to make a report?

A person identified in the law who is required to report known or suspected child abuse that they learn about while acting in a professional capacity or within the scope of his/her employment. Such persons include doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, teachers, teacher aides, counselors, commercial film processors, firefighters, childcare custodians, and others. For more information, visit the Human Services Agency's Frequently Asked Questions.

Health Care Providers Child Abuse/Neglect Form

Child Abuse/Neglect Form